Tableau Tutorial Tuesday (Week 6): How-to copy and paste formatting

How-to copy and paste table formatting to ensure consistent table design

Tableau Tutorial Tuesday (Week 5): How-to teach your stakeholders to pause

How-to teach your stakeholders to leverage the pause button when interacting with dashboards on Tableau Server

Tableau Tutorial Tuesday (Week 4): How-to create an info button

How-to create an info button to provide additional information to your end users

Tableau Tutorial Tuesday (Week 2): How-to build dashboard templates

How-to use floating layout containers to build dashboard templates and standardize reporting in Tableau.

Tableau Tutorial Tuesday (Week 3): How-to build A Table With Custom Columns

How-to create a table with custom columns in Tableau using a filter on Measure Names.

Tableau Tutorial Tuesday (Week 1): How-to 2-Step color a continuous measure

How-to color positive and negative values of a continuous measure in Tableau using a 2-step diverging color palette centered at zero.

What is Tableau Tutorial Tuesday?

A two-minute tutorial video every Tuesday on a way to use Tableau to elevate your dashboards. Topics will range from design elements to ways to enhance user experience to storytelling advice to development tips and tricks. Tune in each week to find your next 'ah ha' moment.

Tableau Tutorial: Automated PDF Report Creation in Tableau Desktop (Part 1)

Tableau Tutorial: Automated PDF Report Creation in Tableau Desktop (Part 2)

How do you share analysis done in Tableau Desktop to large audiences without privacy concerns if you don't have access to Server, Public, or Reader? When PayScale began partnering with universities to survey alumni and needed a way to share our analysis in an easily shareable format but only had a single Desktop license, I created a 54 page semi-automated PDF report template that reduced ad-hoc report creation time by over 75 percent. Find out how you can leverage Desktop to create a scalable distribution channel for your data visualizations.